I’m a college radio DJ, film photographer, illustrator and organizational wiz with a passion for all independent arts. I grew up speaking three languages, often acting as impromptu interpreter, which has given me a knack for quick-thinking and adapting to unusual environments (consequently, I’m quite good at accents). I graduated from U.C. Davis with degrees in Art Studio and Russian and my ensuing work history has varied from radio broadcasting and project management to arts education and university administration. I’ve been known to moonlight as Dr. Marnie, prescribing a musical Popcast or two (care to try one?). I currently provide in-depth consultations to concerned students, faculty and staff. Though it’s not my dream job, it does fund my myriad of side projects. I hope to round out an innovative team with my broad range of skills and unmatched verve for syncing the right brain with the left. Please drop me a line at marnie@popandcircumstance.com. I’d be delighted to meet you!

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